The present system will not continue as it is. It will change for better or worse to something else. The revolution will occur by evolution.

Things will likely get better. Individual people will have more knowledge and power. Most people will educate themselves via the internet. People will be able to make things with their 3D printers — household items like spoons, dishes to smart phones and guns.

Violence will continue to decrease. Stephen Pinker has shown that violence of all kinds has declined and he has suggested reasons why. One of the reasons is people are getting smarter. And the increasing knowledge and intelligence  as they continue to increase will continue to trend violence down.

Democracies and economic systems will also change. Instead of government handouts to the unemployed, societies will pay such people, and people in general, to do certain tasks, certain work, that a smooth running society will need them to do.

First of all smooth running societies will need more and more educated people. People will be paid to educate themselves in general, and in specific areas that need knowledgeable people. One example is voting. People will be paid to educate themselves about candidates and issues before they may cast a vote. They will be paid to do this work. If you don’t want to vote, that will be OK, but you won’t be paid. We already do not allow people to vote whom we consider not mature enough. 17 year olds cannot vote since we have decided they arn’t smart enough. So we already have a smartness test for voting. We will be just refining the test criteria.

Other things will be done to eliminate the influence of money on voting and politicians.  Maybe congresspersons will only be allowed to receive contributions from the districts/ states they represent. Or maybe voting should be organized as tournaments where the voters must demonstrate a level of knowledge about the candidates before they can vote.

There are huge fundamental disagreements and misunderstandings about our current economic and money systems. So society will need many educated people to sort all this out. People will need to be paid to study, research scientifically and objectively all these questions about how these systems are organized so that so that all people receive all the resources they need, all the human necessities so that they can develop themselves maximally in whatever positive contributary ways they want. 

We already claim to believe that people should be rewarded for work. We just need to recognize that society needs people to do some new kinds of work and therefor society should pay people to do the work required.

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