There can be non-violent revolutions

“Do not hope or pray for revolution my friends.  Down that road lies terrible risk and poor odds.  Instead, pray for wisdom and change by our elected and appointed officials, that they choose the path of sanity rather than compounding insanity.

The time to do the right thing is running out.”

 — Karl Denninger in a post on 12 OCT 11 titled “OWS: The risks Facing America Today”

My intention is starting this blog was to avoid getting into discussions about current events because I wanted to be general purpose, applicable to all revolutions. In particular I didn’t want to talk about OWS because I don’t know enough about them and in no way do I want to try to second guess them. They seem to be unique. They are evolving. I think we should let them be and see what happens unless we want to directly participate with them.

Karl Denniger’s quote above suggests he sees revolutions as inevitably leading to violence. And many historical revolutions have been violent. But others have not been violent. Scientific revolutions (Thomas S. Kuhn “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”) have not been violent. The women’s liberation and the environmental movements though still on-going have not been violent. The anti slavery movement was mostly non-violent. More recently the neo-liberal revolution has been non-violent in its methods of conversion of people in the developed countries even though its results in the rest of the world have been numerous wars.

So there can be non-violent revolutions.

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